Slot machine test: Thunderstruck

This slot game is not about the eponymous song of AC/DC, but the mighty God of Thunder. Thor himself swinging the hammer in a fine comic look here. With this promise numerous symbols that fit to the Germanic mythology and especially good gains. Quickfire have succeeded in not only the look, even the content right. In addition to the normal icons, you can go with Thor and the goats on ordinary profit hunting. As wild and scatter symbols they will serve you. And when first start the free game round, then it is really in Thunderstruck. That should cause even on your credit account, even if you have the opportunity to play Thunderstruck in fun mode. So or so you should upset just a fur you and then you can even go, the Thunder God don't like to wait.

Play Thunderstruck online now!

Play Thunderstruck online

Make profit in Thunderstruck is actually not terribly complicated, because the slot with a common mechanism works. There are reels, symbols and winning lines. The latter two must be brought together. This works across rows, which are formed from the same symbols and each left to start. Then, from three same motifs on a payline, there is profit. A few symbols are seen in shorter line.

Nine winning lines stretch across the five reels as only the flashes across the sky of the gods. The lines are equivalent to your opportunities to make at all ranks. The less you set, your chances are lower. However, you can change also your bet with the line number, because you have to pay usage per line in a round. The more you bet, the higher also, your winnings are calculated with the help of multipliers. Better icons and long rows mean higher multipliers.

The slot game symbols in Thunderstruck online slot

Although not very resourceful, sure, but also in the appropriate comic book look, are the letters and numbers, which represent the lowest symbols in Thunderstruck. The 9 at least has the advantage of already two fields to include. But otherwise, these motifs bring only from five series really profit on the account.

About rank some of the motifs which come from Germanic mythology and are firmly associated with Thor. For example, a horn or heavy storm clouds with lightning, do not stop even in front of the Castle. All good symbols with strong profit opportunities.

Thor's hammer is divided basically into two symbols, where both as well as the 9 from two fields count. The same applies also for Thor himself, where the multipliers almost strip the heaven of the gods. Moreover, Thor, but has the unbeatable advantage of being the Joker of the game. If so time is not on the man, Thor as the Joker may replace other motives. And at the same time he doubled your winnings even.

The scatter symbol, which depict two Rams can be

cannot be replaced. That's not bad, because one counts the icon in two appearances and moreover at any point. And from three scatter blocks you 15 free spins win, for which you will need to pay then no usage. While you can the Freespinrunden even more free spins win.

Slot machines instructions by Thunderstruck

Basically, the slot is self-explanatory. Do you want more options, you have to click on the button "Expert". Then, you can adjust the gain lines or change also your usage. With "Max bet" you play automatically to the highest bet. But be careful with the press, because start the rollers immediately after clicking with the rotation. When you press on "Show payment", you can find an overview of all icons again, the it in "b > are Thunderstruck." Here also the various multipliers can be found, which are multiplied by your way, if you can spin the corresponding series.

Thor Horn Thunderstorm Lightning